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Buddy Epsen as Jed Clampett for United Way charity appeal

Posted by The Boss on March 17, 2011 in Advertising Collectibles

Buddy Ebsen for The United Way Charity Drive, while being done in character as Jed Clampett. My opinion of Buddy Ebsen went way down after I heard what he did to Nancy Kulp (Miss Jane Hathaway.) In 1984, after the series was off the air, Nancy Kulp decided to run for the US House seat, in her home area of Penn. Since Ebsen was a far bigger celebrity, and a so-called friend, she asked him to endorse her. Since Ebsen was an ULTRA conservative, he declined. That would have been fine, his political beliefs didn't agree with Kulp, and that should have been the end of the story. The trouble is, Ebsen couldn't leave enough alone. Ebsen decided to make a commercial for Kulp's opponent. The political equalivancy of stabbing an acquaintance / friend and then twisting the knife around. Nancy was naive to believe an ultra-conservative rich actor would actually care about other people, as opposed to caring only about tax cuts for the wealthy. Upon learning of Kulp's liberal run for an office 1700 miles away from his home, he chose to stomp, piss & spit on Kulp's political grave. What a sweet guy. This United Way charity appeal took 30 seconds to complete. The simple act of not making the commercial for Kulp's opponent would have saved him 30 seconds. Instead he chose to equal one good thing with one bad / mean spirited thing.
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In defense of Buddy, Nancy Kulp was running ads that said all of her former Hillbillies cast was supporting her in her run for office. Certainly, she had to know Ebsen would never support anyone running on the Democratic ticket. I love Nancy Kulp, but she should not have assumed they were supporting her when she didn’t actually ask them for their support.

Review written by soaringtonewheights on March 17th, 2011 @ 7:35 PM

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