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Teen Titans ~Comic To Cartoon~ ☆Narrated☆【1/2】

Posted by The Boss on November 30, 2011 in Comic Books

A TSP special Episode,this narration looks back on the Teen Titans animated cartoon and how it compares to its comic origin. What's discussed in this video.. ~The Teen Titans~ Robin Comparison (Dick Grayson) Starfire Comparison (Koriand'r) Raven Comparison (Rachael Roth) Beastboy Comparison (Garfield Logan) Cyborg Comparison (Victor Stone) Terra Comparison (Terra Markov) ~Villains~ Deathstroke Comparison (Slade Wilson) ~Relationships~ RobinxStarfire RobinxRaven BeastboyxTerra *The images used in this slide show narration are ones that I found across the internet,they are property of their respectful owners*

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